About ESSA

Students are increasingly interested in university social responsibility when choosing the universities they want to study in. They want to have a positive impact on their communities, instead of replicating old models that don’t work.

Through the ESSA project (co-funded by Erasmus+), 60 students have been trained as Social Responsibility Auditors going on to audit 4 European higher education institutions, including 
University of Edinburgh, University of Porto, Kaunas University of Technology and King's College London.

Project duration: September 2016 - August 2019

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Students play a critical role in the project and self-reflective learning is central to the student experience. The project aims to contribute to the wider process of developing alternative models of curriculum development and renewal, centred on experiential non-formal learning in a real-world setting, advancing co-created transformative learning that will contribute to enhancing students’ employability in a way that also promotes the wider social responsibility agenda. 


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