Audit Manual

The culmination of the auditor training programme is the completion of a five-day audit of a Higher Education Institution (HEI). The audit manual was envisaged as a practical tool to support the delivery of the audit. Whilst originally planned as one document, three components of the manual have been produced. Each component is targeted at a particular role: 

- visiting student auditors, 

- students playing a host role at the university being audited 

- Higher Education Institutions (HEI) being audited. 

Visiting student auditor manual 

The visiting student auditor manual is designed to aid student auditors with the preparation for, undertaking of, and reporting on the audit that they will participate in. It complements the learning achieved through participation in the auditor training programme. The manual provides practical and contextual information on the destination they will be travelling to and the HEI they will be auditing as well as providing details of the schedule of the audit week as arranged by the host institution. Information on good practice in relation to auditing tools and techniques is also provided along with updates on the assessment requirements necessary to achieve the Certificate in Social Responsibility Auditing. 

Host student manual 

This manual outlines the role host students are expected to play in supporting the delivery of the audit by the visiting student auditors. Host students are also provided with details of the schedule of the audit week and also the reporting requirements which will be fulfilled by the visiting auditors following completion of the audit. 

Manual for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) 

Finally, a manual for HEIs participating in the audit process has also been created to aid with the planning and delivery of the audit from an institutional perspective. Guidance is provided on collating and preparing evidence prior to the audit, recruiting student auditors, planning, delivering and evaluating the audit week and outcomes of the audit.